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Marketing With Strategies To Boost Sales and Earn ROI!

Don’t leave your small business marketing goals to chance. Get a comprehensive results based marketing plan, customized for YOUR small business goals.

We offer a FREE audit of your current systems and guarantee to make substantial improvements. Find out how to increase your sales and revenue, with predictable dependable results, month after month! 

LJ Enterprizes - Small Business Marketing

LJ Enterprizes specializes in providing Small Business Marketing strategies and plans to suit your needs. The goal is to increase sales and revenue by attracting more new ideal clients to your small business, every month with 100% predictability. 

Industries include:

  • Mortgage and Real Estate
  • Insurance Agents
  • Financial Advisors
  • Home Services-Painters, Plumbers, Roofers, HVAC etc…
  • Health Wellness Practice Owners
  • Most Other Small Businesses Who Need more New Business! 

Websites are a good place to gather some info. IF you are more interested to get right to the point, I invite you to see this Case Study Video which contains valuable info about exactly how you can grow your small business and make 4x-10x ROI. To see Case Study click the button below….

3 Ways We Provide Marketing Services...

1. DIY

Do It Yourself: First, you can enroll in my online training programs. Also you will get access to my group for support, including weekly calls. Therefore, you will learn the skills needed to succeed. This option is for determined business owners who are ready to conquer the world!

2. DIT

Do it Together: Next, you can enroll in my online training programs. Again, you get to learn the skills you need, and get the group support provided. PLUS now you also have me available as your consultant, and advisor. Together, we will craft the perfect strategies. This could be the best of both worlds!

3. DFY

Done For You: At a certain point, business owners must realize they already have too much on their plate. When it’s time to scale growth, you must learn to delegate and systemize. Smart business owners know they can’t do it all themselves. Let us handle the marketing for you while you run your business!

Need Advice?

Sometimes the options we face can be overwhelming. 

For example, most business owners are experts in their field. 

However, it takes years of experience to become a marketing expert. 

So if you just need to chat and get some help to determine the best options, choose a time for a call below! I’m happy to help!

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My Training Programs and Courses For Digital Marketing, Business Growth, Sales, Ad Copy, Graphics and much more!

First, I understand how frustrating it can be to always have to “call your tech guy” every time you have tech or website issues. 

Also, how nice would it be to be able to make updates whenever you want? 

For those who want control, I package my knowledge and decades of marketing experience to help you gain the skills you need to succeed! 

Finally, for those who want it done for them, we do that too! 

Denver Digital Marketing Agencies

Small Business Marketing That Makes Owners Happy!

Marketing Testimonials

“Lee has greatly helped me increase my business here in Longmont, and enabled me to build from the ground up. If you want results I highly recommend using his services!” – Walter Dawes, Physical Therapist 

“Lee is excellent at what he does. Also, he is very knowledgeable, patient, and really looks out for what is best for his clients. While working together, I learned he only focuses on what you, the business owner needs. In addition, Lee has helped me in many areas of my business. The range of work was from “tech stuff,” to running ads, to lead generation and prospecting and closing to boost sales. Thank you Lee for being there to help me think through things, maximize strategy to get the most ROI, and for helping me understand the virtual realm!” – Jennifer Wilburn Beauty Consultant

How Digital Marketing Began...

First, Lee started his first marketing projects in the early days of the internet! On 6 August 1991, the World Wide Web became publicly available. Subsequently, Lee started working on his first website projects in the late 90’s.

Back then, it was all about getting your website to rank using SEO (Search Engine Optimization), as well as running paid ads. Google Adwords is now known as Google Ads. Life was much simpler and there was less competition then. 

How Digital Marketing Evolved...

As the tech evolved, so did Lee’s passion to keep up with the latest strategies. Inevitably, this lead him to many years of training under some of the worlds top marketing experts.

Along came social media, and Facebook™ Ads took off. Also, Click Funnels was introduced in 2015 and that was a game changer. Now there are Automated Linkedin Systems and Messenger Bots. Additionally, all this technology continues to evolve rapidly. 

Businesses who don’t stay up to date with their marketing strategies will be left in the dust by their competitors! 

Lee and his team are experts in all types of digital marketing. First, they will use the most cutting edge strategies to create your custom exclusive systems. In addition, the most important factor is having affordable small business marketing options that generate results in the form of Return On Investment (ROI!) 

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