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Here is some helpful info about LJ Enterprizes Digital Marketing. For over 20 years, Lee Johnson has been using online marketing techniques to grow businesses around the USA. 

First, Lee formed LJ Enterprizes as a sole proprietor in 1996 and upgraded to an LLC in 2003. Also, LJ Enterprizes is an umbrella for other companies owned by Lee such as: Wellness Practice Growth 

Back in the “early days” of internet marketing, we focused on building websites, ranking in google search, and setting up email for follow up. It was simple. This was before the days of social media and smart phones! (I know crazy huh?!) 

In addition, Google created a blue ocean of opportunity for inbound marketing. Also, back then Google Ads and SEO was less crowded, less competitive, and easier to accomplish.

As you read more about us below, we hope to help you more clearly understand some of the fundamentals from the past. In addition, we want to educate you about the platform updates, and cutting edge strategies in 2020 going forward.

Some Marketing Fundamentals

All forms of marketing have come a long way from the early days. In particular,  today’s Modern Digital Marketing presents a whole host of new options and technology to master. 

Therefore, businesses who don’t update their marketing, will be left behind by their competitors. 

However, all the options can be overwhelming for a business owner. We hear all the stories about how other agencies took your money and didn’t get results. 

Our goal is to help educate you first. It creates a foundation for communication. Also it helps so we can set mutually realistic expectations, and meet or exceed those goals. Keep reading more about what we do!

About Inbound and Outbound Marketing

About Inbound Marketing

First, back in the “old days” before the internet, one of the primary forms of inbound marketing was the phone book. 

Obviously, no one uses phone books anymore. Currently, it’s all about online search engines. 

These online search engines are lead by  Google, which is the king of all search engines. 

Another popular search engine is Bing which has many users and is a helpful platform.

In addition, there are other search engines like Yahoo which is also very helpful. 

However, according to this article Google gets 80% or more of search traffic. Therefore, it’s safe to say that Google replaces the phone book as a primary form of inbound marketing today. 

There are 2 ways to come up on page 1 of Google. 

First, would be Google Ads. This option is often referred to as Pay Per Click or PPC.

 Next, would be SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

SEO involves long term, ongoing optimizations to your website to come up “organically” in Google Search. 

We can help you determine which methods will work best for your goals!  

About Outbound Marketing

The primary forms of outbound marketing used to be newspapers, radio, tv and other broadcast media. 

Additional forms included billboard signs, and mailers to homes. 

Most of those methods are becoming outdated and less effective. Why? 

2 main reasons. 

First, people are on their smart phones now, not reading newspapers. 

Second, with digital media, we have AI smart technology known as TARGETING! 

Let’s break it down. If you pay for “exposure” via newspaper ads, or radio/tv, you pay based on how large an audience they claim to reach. 

So you’re targeting everyone regardless of if they are ideal prospects or not. Subsequently, there is lots of waste.

With digital media advertising, we only target your ideal prospects. 

Next, we have systems to nurture those leads and convert them into paying clients. 

How much more effective do you think that is?

Get A Balanced Approach

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More About Inbound and Outbound Marketing

More About Inbound Marketing 

As beneficial as this method is there are some drawbacks. One limitation to consider is that it takes a long time to rank at the top of search engines. 

Next, once you are ranked at the top of Google, you can not scale your growth very easily. Why?

Simple. You aren’t in control of how many leads you get with search driven methods. Also, research about this shows that only about 2-5% of website traffic converts. 

That means approximately 95% of traffic that visits a website will browse around and leave without filling in any contact form, or calling.

Now don’t get me wrong, websites are an important tool and part of your strategy. We build High Quality WordPress Sites. Also. installing Google analytics can provide a host of very helpful data about your ideal prospects. 

In addition, we can install a pixel and retarget website traffic with social ads! More about that later…

More About Outbound Marketing

If we use todays online methods of outbound marketing, we can use data and technology to target only our ideal prospects. 

This makes for much better conversion rates, and ROI! Also, we can employ “re marketing” and “re targeting”.

First, to get the best results we set up “Marketing Funnels”. In a marketing funnel, the first step is the prospect “opts in”. 

This means they offer their contact info in exchange for whatever the lead magnet offered. 

Also, we have many campaign strategies. A few include promo offers, value offers, quizzes and surveys.

Next, once they have opted in, we can nurture the lead ongoing to warm them up for purchase. Subsequently, we direct their steps and the order they take them, while they learn more about your business. 

Finally, this insures we optimize the prospects experience, and that they reach the objective. Boom!

LJ Enterprizes About Marketing

How To Know Which Systems To Use?

So how can a business owner decide which marketing strategies will be the most effective for their business? The truth is, what I have discussed so far, has just been a very simple breakdown. 

Also, the world of online marketing involves complex, rapidly changing technology. Plus, there are constant updates by the major platforms. Therefore, just keeping up with the updates can be a full time requirement! 

Perhaps even more important to consider, is that as a business owner you are an expert in your industry. Therefore, you might be determined to learn everything you need to know to run successful marketing campaigns. 

Conversely, many smart business owners realize they don’t have TIME. They realize they need to spend their time running their business, rather than trying to learn a whole new career set. 

Finally, many times a business owner needs to get started with low or no budget. In that case you are using your time, as your form of investment. It pays to get the training you need rather than trial and error. We welcome you to checkout our online courses. 

Get A FREE Audit Of Your Marketing Systems

First, you may not know if you want Done For You (DFY), Do It Together (DIT) or Do It Yourself (DIY). 

Therefore, the best first step is to get a FREE audit of your systems. 

Next, we can provide you a comprehensive marketing plan. Also, in this plan we can factor in your goals, your current status, and put the steps in place to get you where you want to be. 

Then we can decide if you want to do it yourself, or get done for you, or a combo of both! 

To get your FREE Audit the first step is to book a quick 10-15 min intro “Discovery Call” to learn more and see if we are a good fit. 

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What Can I Do for You?

Let’s create the ideal solutions for your business!

Book A Discovery Call Or Book A Strategy Call

What Is A Discovery Call? 

First, we recommend you book a quick 10-15 minute intro Discovery Call. This allows us to meet and get a mutual feel for if we can work well together. 

Next, it gives us the opportunity to ask a few questions about your business. Also, this helps to make sure we can help you reach your goals. 

Finally, if it sounds like it might be a good fit, we can send you some more info, and book a Strategy Call, where we can get into more detail.

What Is A Strategy Call?

A Strategy Call is a more detailed call about 45 minutes to an hour. Please schedule this at a time when you can commit to being in a quiet place to focus. 

Also, this call is a video screen share on zoom. In addition, be sure to schedule enough time so you’re not late, or rushing off at the end. 

Please be aware, we have limited spots available. Therefore, we can only schedule serious inquiries. 

If our Discovery Call went well, please choose a time below.

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