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Hi, I'm Lee Johnson, Business Growth Consultant and Online Marketing Funnel Specialist. 

All businesses want to increase sales and revenue! 

The problem is, most don't have reliable SYSTEMS to produce a steady FLOW of new clients, and increase sales and revenue every month. 

We solve that problem! 

Industries Include:

     - B2B Professionals
     - Realtors/Mortgage Brokers
     - Home and Auto Services 
     - Health Wellness Practice Owners

We build custom, exclusive systems. 

Small Business Owners: 
Stop wasting time and $ on marketing methods that don't work! 

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Lee Johnson, CEO/Owner

Hi, I'm Lee Johnson, Small Business Consultant and Sales Funnel Specialist. 

I build marketing systems that produce trackable, reliable results, in the form of new clients for your business. 

I also offer consulting services to get you the best results and ROI (Return On Investment) 

Industries Include:

- B2B Professionals
     - Home and Auto Services 
     - Health and Wellness
Small Business Owners typically waste 80% of their marketing dollars with ineffective techniques. 

Stop Now! We can put an end to wasted spending, and make every dollar count!

Perhaps you have hired and agency previously but didn't get the results you need?

Or you used the latest "automated marketing" software, but that didn't work either? 

So you blogged, Youtubed, Facebooked and Instagrammed til you were blue in the face, and still nada? 

The reason is, without a complete sales funnel system, with ALL components firing on ALL cylinders, there are holes in your funnel where you are losing money. 

Book a FREE Strategy Session and you'll be entered to win a FREE Campaign Set Up ($1500 Value!) 

Health Wellness Practice Owners

Chiro's | PT's | Sports and Holistic Medicine | Bodywork Massage | Spa + Med Spa 

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