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1. Inbound Marketing Courses

WordPress Website Design and SEO Training

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Why WordPress For Web Design?

WordPress is the industry standard for web developers. Why? First, it has by far the most robust and powerful plug ins. Next, other site builders may be handy for business owners who aren’t professional developers. They may get some nice looking websites as a result. However, an effective website must be built from the ground up with SEO as the priority. 

Otherwise, you simply won’t come up in Google Search. 

If you want your business to get found in online searches, how it is built matters the most. Until recently, WordPress was more complex to learn to use than Wix or other options like Weebly or others like Squarespace

So many business owners chose those platforms, as they are easy to use with drag and drop design. The problem is, they just don’t have anywhere near the powerful plug in options for SEO that WordPress offers.  

Helpful Tools and Hosting for WordPress

The good news is now a days we have site builder tools like Elementor. This makes it much more manageable for the “non coder” business owner, who wants the easy drag and drop functionality those other site builders have, but also want the powerful SEO plug ins on the WordPress platform! It’s Win Win! Now you can have your cake and eat it too. 

Bottom line, for your website and business to get the attention it deserves you can’t afford to go cheap on your website. I recommend Siteground for your WordPress website hosting platform. This course will walk you through building a WordPress website from the ground up, with the internal structure needed for best SEO results. 

We offer full design services in DFY (done for you) format. In addition, we offer consulting packages DWY (done with you) format. Finally we offer courses for those who want to DIY (do it yourself). You get to choose which option works best for you! 

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Google My Business Training

First, Google My Business has become almost as important, if not more important than your actual website. Many experts are preaching the latter. Also, Google releases updates constantly. Therefore SEO is a game played in shifting sands. 

Your Google My Business Listing now plays a key role in your search engine results. Therefore, if you don’t appear in the top “3 pack” of maps” you are missing major traffic. There are some super easy, but lesser known techniques you need to know to optimize your GMB profile to come up in the results. This course will help you get that all set up for best results.

Make sure your website, Google My Business and Maps content is always up to date and optimized for the best rankings. Available as a DFY (done for you) service, as DWY (done with you consulting)  or DIY (do it yourself) with the skills you will learn in this course!

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Google Ads Training

First, SEO is a great source of inbound organic traffic. However it takes a long time to get your rankings in the ideal position. Subsequently, Google Ads gives us a way to get some of that high quality “inbound” search driven traffic without having to wait.

Also, Google Ads are set up based on “keywords” or search terms. A keyword research tool is very helpful to use. Siteground is the website hosting platform. I highly recommend Siteground, and they have an awesome article here about best Keyword Research Tools 

Once we set up your account, link your search console and analytics, we can track results and make updates to get the best bang for your buck!

2. Outbound Marketing Courses

Linkedin Prospecting Profits

Linkedin Prospecting Profits, is live now and ready for your enrollment. If you want to explode your outreach, by targeting your ideal prospects this is the course for you. 

First, Linkedin is the #1 B2B platform with over 500 million users. Also, this course is 3 modules, with 3 lessons per module. 

In addition, there is a short quiz after each module to test your knowledge. You also get access to the private group for support as well as weekly support calls! Comparable courses are priced at $1500-$2k range so at only $497 this is a steal! One of our best marketing courses. Register Now! 

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Facebook Ads Training

Something we hear a lot is “I tried facebook ads and they just don’t work”. 

First, the truth is most of the time this is someone trying to do it themselves. Therefore, they usually don’t have anywhere near sufficient training. Also many people don’t realize boosting posts is NOT the same as running professional ad campaigns. A boosted post is simply getting a few more likes on an organic post. 

Let us save you the headache of trying to learn by trial and error. Running Facebook Ads effectively takes an amazing amount of skill, knowledge and mastery of technology. 

Subsequently, if you haven’t done extensive facebook ads training you will simply lose money. When you do it correctly, this is one of the most powerful ways to target ideal prospects and boost sales and revenue. 

As always this is offered in 3 formats: 1. DFY (done for you service) 2. DWY (consulting) and 3. DIY (do it yourself) by taking this course. 

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Instagram Ads Training

Instagram is owned by Facebook. Therefore, it offers some amazing opportunities to tie your marketing strategies together across platforms. First, there are organic options. Next there are paid traffic options. In addition you can use a combination and get the benefits of all worlds. 

However, one mistake we see a lot is trying to speak to everyone. Avoid sentences like “anyone who wants (desired result). Most marketing courses will agree. Instead learn to get detailed about who are your ideal clients? Learn to speak to them! Coming soon…

Outbound Marketing Courses

Youtube Channel and Ads Training

Youtube is the next biggest search engine after Google. Therefore, people are on youtube all the time. Subsequently, it makes sense to tap into this incredible opportunity. 

First, we will be showing you how to set up and optimize an effective youtube channel. Next we will be developing both organic and paid ads marketing courses. Also, we will be showing you exactly step by step how to get the results you want. 

However we recommend you allow us to do a FREE audit of your marketing and your goals. This will give us the info we need to recommend the right marketing courses to reach your goals.

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