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Before you know which marketing services and strategies will work best for your business, you need to know some fundamentals. So here we go with some quick basics!

First, in the “old days” before the internet the main form of inbound marketing services would be the phone book. Now of course this has updated to Google Search as well as other online search engines. 

Subsequently, there are 2 main ways to come up in Google search: 1. Google Ads and 2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

First, Google Ads are set up by bidding Pay per Click, (PPC) on various keywords. Also, the more competitive the keyword, the higher the cost per click (CPC).

Next, SEO is an ongoing process of optimizing your website as well as other connected components, to increase your ranking in Google Search. Therefore, businesses with the highest rankings come up first in Google.

Outbound Marketing Services

First, in the “old days”, the main options for outbound marketing services included radio/tv, newspaper and magazine ads, as well as billboard signs, mailers and networking events.

However, many of these methods are becoming outdated and less effective. Why?

Smart Phones! There are billions of people online. Therefore, new clients are found online in social media in todays world. 

There are 2 ways to do this: 1. Organic Outreach and 2. Paid Ads.

The biggest difference between the outbound of the old days, and the outbound of today, is TARGETING. This is done with paid ads.

Therefore, with modern technology we can target your ideal prospects online. 

How much better is it to target ONLY on your ideal prospects! Boom!

Get A Balance Of Inbound and Outbound Marketing

Types Of Inbound Marketing Services

WordPress SEO

Google My Business

Google Ads

WordPress Web Design and SEO

Let us handle your WordPress web design and SEO. First, we will design your site with the best SEO friendly theme. 

Also, we will build the site with SEO in mind from the very beginning. In addition, many people have had websites built by talented graphic designers. 

Subsequently, they may look beautiful. However the problem is that while those sites look stunning, they are simply not built with SEO in mind. 

Let us create a stunning site that will also get you top rankings on Google Search! Schedule a Call to discuss your needs and get a quote today! Boom!

Google My Business

Most top marketing experts agree that your Google My Business listing is as important or possibly more important than your website when it comes to search results. 

First, if you don’t have a listing, or don’t have it set up and optimized ongoing, you are missing a ton of opportunity. 

Also, the Maps results are very important. Imagine how much traffic you can get if you have a website optimized that Google loves! 

In addition, we optimize your Google My Business listing to get you in the “3 pack” of Maps! Double Boom! 

Of our available marketing services this is one you don’t want to skip!

Google Ads

Next, Google Ads are another very effective option. This works especially well in conjunction with your SEO and GMB marketing services. 

First, the more traffic a website is getting the higher it ranks. Therefore, while we are in the process of optimizing your SEO, we can be getting traffic at the same time using Pay Per Click marketing services. 

Also, this method involves bidding on keywords. 

However, it doesn’t require as much time as SEO to get you to page 1. 

Let’s get you some results for short term and long term. Schedule A Call today!

Types Of Outbound Marketing Services

Linkedin B2B

Facebook Ads

Instagram and
Other Social Media Ads

Linkedin B2B Services

Let us help you explode your outreach on the #1 B2B platform. Linkedin has over 500 million users. 

First, we can set up these cutting edge outbound marketing services to target your ideal prospects using $0 in ad spend! 

Also, this option is sort of a hybrid between organic outreach, and paid ads because we can do advanced targeting and even automate the outreach. 

In addition, this is NOT just posting organic content and hoping for results. 

This is an advanced technique. Their are some nominal costs for software and management.

However since there is $0 ad spend required it is a very effective and affordable way to connect. 

To learn more about this and other services choose a time that works for you to discuss.

Facebook Ads

First, many people think advertising on Facebook means posting from your page and or boosting posts. 

Let us help clear up any confusion. Posting is a form of Content Marketing, designed to help create brand awareness. 

However if you want any kind of measurable results, organic content simply doesn’t get enough reach. 

Furthermore, boosting posts is throwing your money away. Stop! 

Running Facebook Ads Campaigns effectively takes an amazing amount of skill, knowledge and mastery of technology. 

Unless you want to do years of training, why not let our expert team get you results using our custom Facebook ads marketing services? 

To learn more, select a time for a call today!

Instagram Ads

Instagram is another very effective platform for the right kinds of businesses. 

First, we need to choose which platform will work best for you, based on your goals. 

Next, we need to consider who are your ideal clients and where will be find them most effectively? 

Also, many business owners make the mistake of choosing the wrong strategies. They do this because they base it on their personal preferences. 

However, your customers don’t care which platform you prefer personally. 

Why not let us do an audit of your current marketing and then recommend which marketing services will work best for you? 

Choose a good time for a call so we can discuss your needs today!

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